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Our Prices

Striving to assure our customers of 100% transparency and reliability of our writing agency, we have set a special pricing policy which enables them to calculate the total cost of their order themselves. Our managers have analyzed the online market of various writing services, studied the tendencies and latest updates, learned more about preferences our dear customers have, and, basing on all these data, have set the price range which is available for every visitor of our website.

What Exactly Is Priced?

The initial price you see is the price per one (1) page in USD, regardless of the academic format. One page usually contains about 275 words on condition that you choose double spacing, or about 550 words if you choose single spacing.

Please note that a title page and references are done absolutely for free.

What Determines the Price?

The key factors that influence the initial price are:

  • the number of pages: the cost of 1 page is multiplied by the total number of pages you order;
  • the academic level;
  • the deadline you set: the more time you give us, the less you should pay;
  • the choice of any additional services: when you are ordering a paper, you will see the price of each.

You should note that if you are a citizen of and EU-country, 20% of the total cost of your order will be added above it. This is the so-called the value-added tax (or VAT). It is paid to the state budget of your country.

Additional services

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Deadline High school College University Master's

Are There Discounts?

Of course, we do! Whether you are our returned customer or not, you always have a possibility to ask for it!

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