Without Adventure there is no Life, Without God there is no Adventure.

I’m Curt Stowell, and my second passion, which was my first for a long time, is writing.

I enjoy writing fiction, hiding it within factual events, fads, geographical areas, etc.

You must really think, wow, when an art is someone’s first passion there must be something huge to bump it down to second place. And there is. Jesus Christ, without Him we have nothing.

I still write fiction because Jerry and Bob are fiction, or are they?

Life on earth is short and it is what we choose it to be. Not meaning that we decide all of our goals and whether we will be rich or poor, that depends on the endeavors we experience.

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Transferable Skills


Writing Skills
I started writing at age 10 and have always written stories and articles throughout my entire life, such as the Jerry and Bob, The Mighty Hunters series.

To better my writing I took:

  • English 101,
  • Creative Writing, and
  • Composition I & II.

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College Assignments

College Assignments

The following samples are recorded here for the purpose of showing the intensity of my research, as well as my ability to understand and write legibly in any manner. The majority of these instructors are lawyers.

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Associates Degree – Paralegal Studies
January 2004 to May 2006, GPA 3.54

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A Gift from God

Jerry: A Gracious Gift From God
January 23, 2008

Hello. I’m Curt Stowell. Everyone in their lifetime will have at least one experience which they’ll never forget.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, small or large – it’ll be great enough to be imprinted on the person’s mind forever.

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